Trolls – living on numerous islands of the South Sea, are learnt in World of Porncraft on canines and mad sexual appetite.

In the jungle they daily fuck with monsters and with each other, filling up with that all art of monsters world of warcraft porn. And often catch careless travellers and arrange dirty sexual orgies.

Despite such libertinism and lasciviousness, Trolls small race. Therefore kind races of the Alliance try to catch and fuck females of trolls in bondage to increase amount of trolls in world of warcraft.

Magnanimous elves, gnomes and draenei with pleasure pump up captured trolls the sperm of the Alliance.

Racial Traits

Sex Berserking – instant – 3 min cooldown
Increases your fuck speed by 10% to 30%. Lasts 10 sec.

Dick Regeneration – passive
Cock regeneration increased by 10%. 10% of total Cum regeneration may continue during combat.

monster Fucking – passive
Troll fuck versus monsters increased by 5%.

Cum shoting Specialization – passive
Your chance to critically hit with Sperm is increased by 1%

Da Voodoo Shuffle – passive
Great Voodoo fuck your purpose instead of you by 15% faster. Voodoo fucking the best!