Race of orcs the most wild in sex in World of Porncraft. Angry and ruthless orcs not only fight with all other races, but also especially like to gangbang the won enemy after fight.

Especially orcs like elves with long ears which live nearby to Orgrimmar in Ashenvale and glamour bloody elves which live at them near by. Sometimes orcs have a sex to race of humans. Both these races the centuries-old history of sex after terrible fights connects!

But usually in world of warcraft porn orcs are engaged in healthy sex with each other and touch nobody. As seldom there are the capital in which females of orcs prefer to go exclusively naked judging by drawings from Durotar.

Porncraft Racial Traits

Cock Fury – instant – 2 min cooldown
Increases sexual power. Lasts 15 sec.

Dick Hardiness – passive
Duration of Erection effects increased by an additional 15%.

Fuck Command – passive
Fuck and facials dealt by Death Knight, Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%.

Sex Toy Specialization – passive
Expertise with Vibrators and Two-Handed Vibrators increased by 5.