Draenei is race which exists only in world of warcraft. You will not find draenei in the world of a usual fantasy porn art. But in  World of Porncraft females the draenei enjoy the person popularity.

Horned beauties in world of warcraft porn with a tail have skilfully sex with each other, using a tail to thrust it in all holes of girl-friends on games.

Draeneis differ from other races not only a sexual tail! They well are able to dance, executing a striptease. Also like to go naked in world of warcraft

Those from girls of draeneis who has selected a way of the hunter, also sin with sex with the pupils. Lewd wolves, bears and cats fuck the mistresses on each halt!

And those from females the draenei in world of warcraft hentai which has not carried to fall into clutches enemies, are sometimes used by the Horde as horses. But basically they are fucked brutally by malicious orks.

Racial Traits of Wow Porn

Tailfucking – passive
Fucking skill increased by 5.

Gift of the Naaru – active
Cumshot on the target 50 + 15/Level over 15 sec – 40 yd range – 1.5 sec cast – 3 min cooldown. The amount of cumshot is increased based on the caster’s Sperm Power.

Heroic Sex Presence – passive
Increases chance to have sex by 1% for you and all party members within 30 yards.

Sperm Resistance – passive

Reduces the chance draenei girl will be cumshot by Sperm spells by 2%.