13 Aug 2014

Christmas is here: Santa fucks elf!

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It is no more kid’s fairy tales, welcome to the adult world where even Santa fucks elf!

After wrapping present for good children the whole day, Santa wants to take off the stress and gets dirty with the horny elf. The slutty elf is so pretty and seductive in her cute elf outfit with white and red stripe stockings and is very playful for good fuck.

Who would able to resist? Even Santa is a man and he can’t not but fuck this slutty elf right now! So he comes up to the slutty elf and kisses her on the neck, then takes off the top so her breasts stay naked. Damn, this is one hell of a gorgeous pair of tits! Naughty Santa grabs her ass tight with his strong hands, she definitely loves to be spanked, naughty elf has to be punished by Santa’s hard stick.

The slutty elf got undressed so she stayed only in her white and red stocking, funny elf hat and white panties. This is such a tease. This naked elf looks so incredibly hot in the light of the fireplace. Santa grabs her with his horny hands and starts kissing and biting her breasts, she leans on the table and then lays down on it spreading her legs for Santa.

He can not resist such a welcoming gesture and his dick is already hard like stone, he need to stick it inside this horny elf’ clit. Santa fucks the elf so hard that she screams out Santa, Santa, Santa ! His dick is so big that it fills the tiny vagina of the horny elf. It feels so warm and cozy. Santa fucks elf with so much passion so the elf loves it.

And now it’s time for Christmas present from Santa for the horny elf: he ejaculates his sperm all over her face and her breasts, his cum is so delicious that she tries to lick it off. This slutty elf definitely loves Christmas now and waits what Santa is going to give her next year. Watch this horny Christmas story with happy ending when elf is being fucked by horny Santa hardcore.

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5 Aug 2014

Hard sex in dark elf porn

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This is one hell of a sex story to tell. The dark elf is on a mission to get the jar with the seed to the tower, but the sleazy monster caught the hot drow and makes her pass the test to earn the jar back in dark elf porn.

The hot dark elf is suspicious about the horny monster but she agrees to get fucked in order to get the jar with the seed. The evil monster takes the chance to make the horny elf do everything he wants in all sexual positions.

He puts her in a doggy style position and sticks his white sleazy cock inside her dark as night cunt, she tries to resist but her pussy gets wet. The cunt can’t lie that she like the huge sleazy dick inside her, she asks for more fuck. The monster fucks her from behind with his long red tongue licking all over the elf’s body like a serpent.

Watch dark elf with the horny drow getting fucked by a huge dick of a rough sleazy monster. He holds her with his big hands so she can’t run away, but she won’t run even if he lets her go: she loves the hard huge dildo inside her dark cunt.

Then he lifts the dark elf like a sex toy and just pulls her on his big tool like a sex doll, the waves of lust go over her body and the drow definitely loves it and wants more of that dark elf porn actions. She has to get the seed from this bastard so she finishes the mission for her tower.

Even she has to fuck with that disgusting monster, she will do it. But hey she loves it and finally she begs him to fuck her harder in her slutty pussy. They both are enjoying this test sex and she cries louder and louder while his huge cock is inside her and his long tongues squeezes her nipples, her clit and slides all over her body.

Not seeing his ugly face helps the dark porn to enjoy this evil wild monster sex and she doesn’t regret this at all. She was ready to fuck with this monster right from the moment she saw him in the room. What a slut!

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20 Jul 2014

Lesbian elves making out in forest

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These two gorgeous lesbian elves are so incredibly hot that you will enjoy the most exquisite porn that you could ever see in the World of Warcraft.

The two beautiful elves on a mission managed to get some time alone together in the dark forest. Since there was no one around those amazing babes, they decided to use time wise and make out right in the forest in the wild nature.

The red head elf kisses the blond elf so softly on the lips, with her tongues inside of the mouth of the beautiful babe. Lesbian elves are being so gentle with each other, softly touching the breasts. Light fingers playing with the nipples, squeezing the breasts and then going down with tipping the hot stomach to reach the pearl of the pussy.

The red head lies down on the ground allowing the blonde babe sit on top of her. The blonde chick starts to kiss her and then slowly goes further down with her tongue sliding down the stomach. The two gorgeous bodies are like statues, dancing together in the sexual dance of orgasms coming one after another like waves in the sea.

The red head girl loves the feeling of the wet tongue on her body, she is getting really wet and can’t wait till the blonde elf get to lick her wet pussy! Finally the wet tongue touched the slit and wow this girl knows how to do wonders with her tongue! She bitted gently the clit and then goes inside the warm hot cave of the cunt. The juices of the pussy are so delicious and sweet.

The she pushes her tongues inside of pussy and starts sucking the juices out. The waves of orgasms go through her body like electric waves. As they are all alone in the forest the girl screams so loud, but thank go nobody will see this divine picture of magic lesbian elves sex.

Except you, of course. So use your chance to enjoy and masturbate to the mind-blowing fucking of two lesbian naughty elves.

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16 Jul 2014

Horny nude elves are so seductive

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Have you ever seen so many gorgeous magic creatures being so seductive and playful with each other in front of you?

These nude elves are so perfect like out of this World. Oh, wait a minute, they are out of this World! So enjoy their beautiful bodies with the most incredible breasts.

Just check out these round full boobs, so soft and so delicious and imagine kissing them and squeezing them hard, licking the pink nipples so they get hard and biting them softly. Wow they are just amazing. These two girls are so horny with each other and definitely want to make it out right here.

Watch those nude elves touching their boobs and rubbing their pussies and getting hornier so they make out right there. The hot red head elf starts to play with the horny blonde elf, kisses her boob so gently and softly. Then she bites her pink nipple, then goes down on her knees and start to lick the shaved cunt of the blonde hot elf.

How tasty and delicious it is the red head’s pussy, so juicy and definitely something you would want to try yourself. Imagine joining these incredible magic babes and showing them what a real cock is. Definitely they haven’t seen anything like that! You would make the red head suck your huge cock I am sure she is really good at sucking and deep throating.

Grab her red hair and push your cock deep inside of her throat so she almost chokes, imagine elf sucking dick, wow that should feel amazing. Then you spread the legs of the blonde chick and stick your cock right inside her slit, hot and incredibly wet. The elf starts to scream from the pleasure and wants more of your big cock and then the wave of pleasure will reach both of you!

The white cum leaking from her pussy is more than you could imagine! This is one hell of a hot nude elves fantasy you should not miss for sure. They are waiting for you to join them tonight for the magic time.


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15 Jun 2014

Demon porn asks sex as payback

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The dark elf is a medium who is able to communicate with the dark world and ask for help if needed.

But every help has to be paid back. So this is time for the payback as the demon porn helped her last time to restore her power and become the main medium in the fortress.

The hot elf has to pay now. She’s offering money or gold, but demon porn wants only her gorgeous body. Poor elf, did she know that the price will be so high when she asked for help? So on the day of payback she is trembling sitting naked and waiting for the demon xxx to arrive. It doesn’t take long for him to arrive and he is already naked and hard with his dick all ready to fuck the naked elf.

This is will be a fuck from hell. The demon xxx is so huge, that the elf started to doubt if her little pussy will be able to fit it.

Demon xxx doesn’t care: he will reap her cunt apart if needed; he just needs to bang this hot chick. He makes her suck his hard huge dildo and suck it hard; pushing it deep in her throat so she is almost chocking and can barely breathe. His hard cock takes all the space in her mouth and he moves so fast ducking her in the head that she barely catches the moment to breath.

The rough demon turns her over on her knees and puts her in the doggy-style position, his favorite one. He will fuck her restlessly until she will totally regret that she ever asked for any favor from this monster. Never again! His enormous cock is tearing the little cunt apart! And now this is time for her tight ass!

No, no, I’d rather die! – screams the elf, but it’s too late. The demon is already sticking his tool in the tight virgin ass hole of the elf and the pain so acute takes over her body, so she almost faints. But the demon will not let her rest even for a second! Payback is sweet – laughs the demon.

Indeed, it is. Next time if she asks for favor from demon, she will think twice.


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13 Jun 2014

Sexy world of warcraft porn pics

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World of warcraft is a dark-dark place where the most horrible and dirty things happen. Visit our Jizzart galleries here and get more…

No wonder that if you are looking for the dirtiest world of warcraft porn pics on the internet, you will find them here. It is when the battle with horny elves gets rough, there is no guarantee that the monsters would resist not to just kill the elf, but also to bang them before, The two elves fight with a dark monster but the monster is so strong that they can’t kill them.

The monster gets horny and decided to fuck the cute elf, the red head one. Poor elf she doesn’t know that there is something worse than simple death, being banged and fucked by the huge tool of this big monster is something she will never forget. The other elf tries to get the monster off the elf, but it is useless.

His huge cock is already inside the elf and sliding back and forth. This wild monster sex is so evil and rough, that there is not way you should miss world of warcraft porn pics.

The monster tore apart the top of the elf’s outfit and her breasts are squeezed by the fur of the horny monster. The green smoke from the monster goes inside of the elf’s cunt and is like a poison penetrating the body of the elf.

The purple elf is just watching the evil monster sex between the rough monster and the poor defenseless elf who has been the victim of his horniness just because she’s a pretty elf. The huge cock goes deeper and deeper, and it seems like the monster will never stop as he’s hungry for sex and for real flesh.

Fucking an elf in the juice pussy is a real delicatessen. All exposed to the power of the evil monster. Finally the monster is satisfied and ejaculated inside the pussy of the defenseless elf.

There is so much sperm the elf’s vagina can not hold inside, as it is full of sperm leaking out of her hole. The monster leaves the hot victim alive. If you wonna some free Warcraft Jizzart click here and enjoy!

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11 Jun 2014

Night elf nude was caught masturbating

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Jizzart presents Mini-story about hot Jizzart Porncraft in the fantasy Fuckland!
Check out the discrete pleasure of watching a night elf nude playing with herself dark at night and then being caught in that moment by a horny green orc.

A hot night elf nude was all by herself in the abandoned object, in midst of the cold stone so she decided to warm up herself with some sexy self-touching.

Her nude body is like a perfection of the elf beauty: blue skin, huge and soft breasts, stunning long legs and incredible pretty shaved pussy. Watch this horny night elf nude touching her breasts, playing with her nipples and then going down with the light touch of her fingers until she reaches the sensitive pearl.

It is enough of the touch to make this elf horny and her cunt all wet, can you imagine fucking this magic night creature? I bet it should be heavenly amazing. Her fingers touch the clit and start rubbing it, first lightly and then with more pressure and force, she sticks the other finger inside her slit, she loves the feeling of the dick inside it. Too bad she is all alone and has to use her fingers instead of big cock.

The heat wave is overflowing her body, then comes the other one and now she is almost ready to come! When suddenly a huge horny orc comes out of nowhere! She is confused and embarrassed so tries to cover her gorgeous breasts, but stays so vulnerable in front of this orc, sitting on the ground so naked. You could see that the monster’s green dick is already hard and needs to be sucked.

Poor night elf nude (check our Jizzart Map archive), she is so defenseless that she will have to do everything this disgusting creature will want: suck his huge cock, be fucked by his enormous tool in the pussy or even in the ass, swallow the orc’s sperm?

All this thoughts run through her head in one moment. She should have been more careful and cautious, now she will have to pay the price for this mistake.

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9 Jun 2014

Monster porn pics with elf

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The World of Warcraft is cruel and dangerous for beautiful elfs running around in sexy outfits.

In these monster porn pics a pretty luscious elf-warlock has been running on a mission, when suddenly has been attacked by a monster she did not see.On monster porn pics you can see how the monster has torn apart her clothes so her gorgeous boobs revealed for our view. Her hands have been tied so she couldn’t protect herself when being violently banged by this monster.

He sat on top of her and started to squeeze strongly her big breasts so it was hurting so much. The hot elf has been trying to run away, screamed for help but it was too late. The horny monster has already gone wild and spread her legs to stick his tool into her little elf pussy. She didn’t want that!

The monster pushed so hard that it hurt like hell for poor elf, but he continued to fuck hard this cute elf. He grabbed her hands so she could not fight and he continued to enter her divine cunt faster and harder, then he turned her on her boobs and put her in a doggy-style position with her huge jugs touching the floor. See monster porn pics where the poor elf had no more power to resist the horny monster and just obeyed to everything he did to her.

He stick his dick into her tight little ass and starting fucking this gorgeous hole. Her ass was so tight, either because it was her first time being fucked in the ass, or maybe because the monster’s tool was gigantic for this little poor elf. She was not ready for this kind of mission for sure.

The evil monster was so strong and fast that her little ass could not take it anymore but he didn’t stop for a second, and kept fucking her like an monster. Finally, he ejaculated inside her ass hole. The banged elf just stayed laying on the floor naked with sperm coming out of her ass. This is a good sexual lesson for little horny elfs.

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7 Jun 2014

Elf sucking dick on mission

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Did you know that there are not only usual missions on World of Warcraft, but also the sexual missions for the hot elves to do?

This is why their outfits are so horny and slutty in this World of Warcraft. These slutty elves love the sexual missions more than usual warrior errands.

So check out this incredibly hot blonde elf fighting on a mission to find the trophy – the Golden Dick! This golden penis contains priceless sperm which she has to get, so watch the elf sucking dick like a real professional prostitute, this is why she has been chosen for this mission as she is the best elf sucking dick in the army.

So the mission start with the horny elf trying to find the place where the gorden cik is hidden, for that she has to fuck with different monsters, to be fucked by other elves and to suck the huge monstrous dicks. What a mission!

Watch the slutty elf being fucked in different position and in different places on the map, but she loves when the huge cock of a monster is inside her. she is used to huge cocks, as she is an experienced sexy warrior. Finalle she finds the location of the golden penis! But there is the biggest challenge is to suck the penis so it ejaculates with precious sperm.

Watch elf sucking dick for hours and so well like a pro as this is the challenge to suck the cock non-stop for hours.

Not any elf could do that and finally get the trophy. The hot blond elf leans down to the gorden dick, opens he slutty mouth to put the dick inside of her divine hole and starts to move up and down, with pushing the dick down in her throat. In this standing doggy-style position her hot ass looks amazing and pink hard nipples showing off the warrior outfit this elf looks amazing.

You would definitely come behind her and stick your big cock in that hot piece of ass, every guy would! Just lay back and enjoy of picture.

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5 Jun 2014

Elf gets banged in troll porn

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The World of Warcraft is a tough place to be a hot elf running around half naked when the forests and fortresses are inhabited by horny rough monsters.

No wonder the gorgeous magic creatures often get banged when going on a mission. Like in this troll porn story the pretty blonde elf was running in the wild when she was attacked by a huge grey troll with an enormous cock she has never seen before. Oh-oh, she’s in trouble. There is no use in resisting the strong monster as he can do anything with the slutty elf and she is powerless.

So he just grabs her leg when she tries to escape from him crawling away. Her gorgeous ass is all exposed to the view of this horny troll. Then he grabs her second leg, and holds the poor scared naked elf upside down with her ass in front his huge cock. This is not going to be easy for this elf in troll porn.

He just sticks his gigantic cock inside the elf’s ass as if she was some sex doll toy, and just fucks her in the ass non-stop holding her upside down. This is one hell of acrobatics trick for the poor elf, so she just hangs in there being violently fucked in the ass with a gigantic troll dick and can’t do anything while keeps sliding in her ass.

This is so painful and yet hot, gradually she starts to like it. And then finally the horrible troll stopped for a moment as the orgasm arrived and his troll sperm flushed in her ass.  But the elf was still unsatisfied. But guess what the troll doesn’t get a fuck about her orgasm, so he just throws away the elf slut as if she was some used toy.

Oh well, she was a used sex toy actually. He has no longer interest in this slutty elf and leaves her lying on the grass until some other monster comes and finishes the fucking he just started. This troll porn is what you would want to see yourself!

Enjoy the evil sex of the poor horny elf and the merciless troll!

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